RetailX-Complete Retail Management System

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Retailx For everyone

Feature Rich & Easy to use

Touch & keyboard interaction

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Multipal outlet

Able to create and maintain Multiple Retail outlet. Means you are need only single system for your multi Retail outlet and you are able to access any outlet from any terminal.

multiple tax

Flexible TAX system, so that you don't worry about tax calculatiuon. set multiple tax on single item.


Retailx have tons of repotting option and combination to ensure your Growth & success

Multi Invoice Format

RetailX have multiple Invoice Format which can be customize very easily by user


Retailx is able to create print and scan barcode smoothly


Smart CRM solutions

Retailx provide complete CRM solution to increase Foot print on your store and expand your business. Retailx have integrated SMS shoot out Option. it can maintain Costumer profile and history . and many more ....

Scheme and Promotions

with schedule price changing also make such Scheme and Promotion on specify time duration with selected day of week

retailx discount limit

Easy ,Touchable And Ignite UI

Ignite UI for easy and user friendly environment with eye friendly and of course make new kind of working environment which gives you pleasure to work.


reatailx 2


Lite Plan


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Premium Plan


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Pro Plan


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Retail x has an exceedingly simple to use platform and numerous features to cater to everyone's business needs...from the burgeoning creator to a seasoned professional. Everyone, no matter their skill level or need, can easily use and understand this software. Not to mention, the data reporting it provides is spectacular for understanding how your business is doing and where you could possibly find ways to improve. I also like how easy it is to create a product in your profile and set up sales tax before hand!
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