Juest (Restaurant Management System)

Juest can help any restaurant or bar run more efficiently. No matter whether you run a coffee shop, table service restaurant, Fast-Food Corner,Ice-Cream parlour , or any other type of restaurant or bar, JUEST will make your operation more efficient and fast with Cost Effective manner. It will deduct your budget which will provide for smooth running system. JUEST shaping the future and challenging our competencies to create new opportunities.Our solution is very affordable, feature rich and easy to use.

Key Feature

01 Ignite UI for easy and user friendly environment with eye friendly and of course make new kind of working environment which gives you pleasure to work.

Juest-A Complete Restaurant Management System Main UI
Juest-A Complete 

Restaurant Management System Informatiive Screen

02 On Screen information, so you will informed any kind of problem and also will increase better and mannered system.

03 Able to create and maintain Multiple outlet. Means you are need only single system for your multi restaurant and bar and you are able to access any outlet from any terminal.

Juest-A Complete 

Restaurant Management System Multiple Outlet Management
Menu Promotion

04 Happy hour with schedule price changing also make such happy hour on specify time duration with selected day of week

05 Anywhere anytime Report system, so whenever you go you will get updated which you system.you will able to see any kind of activity from any part of the world also able to operate any part of the application from any location around the Globe (optional)

Juest Reports Management

Management System UI

06 Built in discount limit system on item. So you will decide the max percent limit of discount on any particular item also Discount on Menu Category Basses and based on Discount Coupon like New Year Discount etc.

07 Flexible TAX system, so that you don't worry about tax calculatiuon. set multiple tax on single item. Like tea have VAT as well as Service Tax etc.

Juest-Tax  Management 


Management System UI

08 All the commands and user actions are clearly shown on the screen which can be touched or clicked. Allow to choose operation via touch screen or using mouse and keyboard.

09 Juest provide touch enabled Order Taking System. Guest can place his order by using tablet module. Multiple table order can be made through single tablet.

Juest-Order Taking Tablet 


Specific KOT printer UI

10 Intelligent remote printing to multiple printers from single location or to single printer from multiple locations

Other Key Point

   Able to maintain combo pack offer

   Maintain separate tax calculation of combo item

   Menu price based on outlet oriented means same menu have differ rate in other outlet

   Maintain separate bill format for each outlet

   Able to send any cooking instruction for a particular item in KOT

   Multiple rates support for different outlet on single item

   All table data synchronized with updated tables

   Inclusive and exclusive tax calculation

   Powerful controls for managers and auditors

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