Royaal (Hotel Management System)

Royaal, is a full featured Property Management Software Solution for any size hotel or hotel chain. The system has been designed to Provide Solution for any levels of the hotel operations. You will love the way we have integrated all the critical operations of your hotel on one platform. Royaal delivers true value for money and a wealth of time and cost saving features proven to increase profitability, reduce administrative tasks and streamline reservations and invoicing. Royaal is quick to set up, easy to use and full of modern time saving tools that assist in running your property. Royaal has offered the most innovative and flexible property management solutions for the hospitality industry. We pride ourselves on being a pioneer in the hospitality software industry.

Here are some reason which make you happy business

An Ignite and attractive user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface.

Every Module have on screen information.

All information optionaly sharable with each operational department.

Optional SMS alert system which entegreted to every operational department.

Virtual Rooms Tour to view rooms view for guest.

Optional Real time system which operated around the globe.

Helps you become more productive, profitable and professional.

Delivers fast, accurate and online information on your property

Easy maintenance & periodic product updates

Royaal Including Following Modules

Royaal-A complete Property Management System-Room Availability Chart

Separate Management for taking Travel Company/Corporate and Direct guests booking

Company / Travel Agent special rate control Management

Unlimited future Booking for rooms, room type and transaction

Adjust multiple Advance against booking

Print/Mail reservation conformation letter

Room blocking as per guest preference

Automatic and/or optional no-shows

Quick Booking by recalling information from history file

Allows/Block over Booking (As per setting) and warns on over Booking Status

Facility to confirm special services like, Airport Pick-up, Car Hire...

Royaal-A complete Property Management System-Reservation Transaction

Block any outlet or department service at the time of Reservation

Maintain Attached group Profile with their Scaned documents in Reservation

Split group Booking into individual by Room No

Maintain Prefer Room List

Allot Rooms to Individual/Group

Dynamic help of room availability at the time of Booking

Keeps track of booking, cancellation and no-show

Graphical view With Charts of Room Availability for any future period

Analysis of Booking by Market Segment/Source/Agent/Corporate

Royaal-A complete Property Management System-Front Office Main Screen

Single Screen for Direct/Traval Agent/Company Check-Inn

Maintain Multi Folio For Same Room.

Single Click Check-Inn From Reservation

Real time watch of any charges posting in rooms

Multi settlement for single invoice

Able to maintain pre room charge schedule

Maintain Upgrade charges separately as per required

Easy and unique room transfer UI

Royaal-A complete Property Management System-Update Check-Inn

Advance/Refund Management

Maintain multi extra folio as per required

Multi nationality detail maintain in single group Check-Inn

Also able to maintain attached profile which used in spacific Check-Inn

Easy and well maintained guest registration process

Add-On rooms after Night-Audit and charges as per software date

Auto Settlement option which doesn't need to any Human interaction

Exceptional Tax Structure also be defined for any specific Check-Inn

Form'C also prepared automatically via Guest Profile and/or Attached Profile

Define departmental instruction from Front-Office for any specifically Check-Inn

Royaal-A complete Property Management System-Outlet Master

Maintain Multiple Outlets as per your needs

Single item shared between all outlet with different price

KOT/Captain order generation with remote printing option

Multiple settlement modes with split bill / quantity options

Handles modifiers, sub-items and combo item in Single billing

Allows to choose operation via touch screenor using mouse-keyboard

Happy hour with schedule price changing also make such happy hour on specify time duration with selected day of week

Complete integration with front-office for billing and room service

Built in discount limit system on item or Category or table

Set multiple tax on single item

Royaal-A complete Property Management System-POS Touch Screen UI

Very easy interface to make KOT, Guest Check, Receipt, Settlement, Split Receipt, Table Change etc.

Maintain Discount Master which apply on specific period and/or special occasion

Integrates with material management to arrive at food cost analysis

Split/Merge Invoice

More than 100 reports which make you able to take clean view of outlets

Tax Exemption & Discount on a spacific outlet

Shared for normal,Complimentary KOT And Separate for Negative KOT

Interfaces with customer pole display

Royaal-A complete Property Management System- House-Keeping Room Master

Manage Housekeeping status from FrontDesk

Maintain Housekeeping staff and assign rooms based on blocks/floors.

The daily Housekeeping task list is easy to print and the work is easy to divide & distribute amongest the staff

Rooms undergo maintenance / upgrades, and may not be available for certain dates, or they could be booked for in-house use.

Reports and listings can be generated at any time for exhaustive control

Maintain Daily Housekeeping Schedule

Forecast Housekeeping Requirements

Billing and settlement of Laundry Bills

Maintain saperate price for Express Laundry

Royaal-A complete Property Management System-Banquet Reservation

Unlimited future Booking for any outlet, F&B and other accessories.

Advance Deposit against Booking paid/payable

Dynamic help of outlet availability at the time of Booking

Flexibility to change priority of Booking

Print/Mail reservation conformation letter

Event Work Sheet

Billing and tax implications

Multi location Banquet points with reservation

Function plan and prospectus

Billing and bill settlement

Multiple function consolidated billing

Food n Beverage and material management for related postings

Royaal-A complete Property Management System- Other Outlet Transaction

Create any no of other kind of outlets Like Spa,Jim,Internet Cafe etc.

Create any no.. of item and/or services which provide in other kind of outlets

Item may share in all other outlets

Different tax structure apply as per needs

No need to purchase separate software to any other kind of billing hub.

Its also available in touch or mouse-keyboard UI as per needs

Royaal-A complete Property Management System - Purchase Transaction

Supports Unlimited Physical/Logical Stores

Support Multiple Purchase Order/Challan settle in Single Purchase Entry

Able to maintain Dual Stock unit

Able to maintain serial no. and batch no. information of items.

Transportation and/or vehicle detail may maintain in purchase entry.

Supports Unlimited Unit of Measure

Minimum/Maximum Stock level for any Store/Item can be defined

Able to restrict/Pre-define Vendor to Supply Items and Contract Rate

Physical Stock Updates

Departmental indent generation

Royaal-A complete Property Management System - Department Issue

Department issue also possible at the time of purchase entry

Ulitmate Facility to Structure your Material Movement

Stock Statement for any Store/Department

Department Consumption Analysis

Material Movement and flow Monitoring

Stock Valuation at any Stage

Monitors Over/Under Inventory Stock Levels

On the way And launch in March-2014

On the way And launch in july-2014

Royaal-A Hotel Management System - MiniBar Outlet Form

Maintain Room Mini-Bar stock

Refill item in room Mini-Bar

Billing and settlement Mini-Bar Bill

Live Monitoring of Mini-Bar item

Royaal-A Hotel Management System- Create User

Create User role and provide user rights to operation limits in software

Create User and provide user rights to operation limits in software

See user log and their operation and data manipulation history history

Rate Master Creation and modification

Tax Related Setting for Hotel

Maintain Property Detail Which use during reports and other operation

Making and modifying Bill-Series of all operational department

Royaal-A Hotel Management System-Account Receivable

Separate Management for taking Travel Company/Corporate and Direct guests booking

Single Screen to receiving all panding invoice of deiffrent departments

Partially or fully received

Filter Consolidate data any company/guest Pendings

Print/Export Company/Guest Receipt History

Print/Export Guest Panding Invoice Detail

Royaal-A Hotel Management System-Data Exporter For Tally

Separate Management for taking Travel Company/Corporate and Direct guests booking

Its Support all window Version of tally including tally.ERP

Its generate log file to monitor data exporting

Export data bill wise and/or datewise single entry

Support to transfer multi ledger transaction to single ledger

Easy and power tool which you doesn't see before

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